Luminous Inverter Battery (IL 1800)

As a quality driven firm, we bring forth precision-engineered lot of Luminous Inverter Battery (IL 1800) from Uttarakhand, India. Our 150AH Batteries have low charging time and can withstand longer power cuts. Furthermore, we manage a huge stock at our depot to furnish urgent and massive demands of the buyers. Our prices are also marginal!


Features :

  • Voltage - 12 V
  • Battery Type - Lead Acid Battery
  • Capacity - 150 AH

Battery Capacity :

  • Luminous IL1800 Battery has 150 AH capacity. It can provide backup power for home UPS systems to keep all your critical appliances in operation during power cuts.
  • Luminous IL1800 is a Lead Acid Electric storage cell that consists of a set of anodes and cathodes immersed in an electrolyte which is dilute sulphuric acid.